When your business has a leak in the roof, having a commercial roof repair contractor who can locate the source quickly and make the necessary repairs in an efficient and timely manner is important. As a business owner, you don't want to lose out on operation time. If your roof in the Cornelius, Mooresville, or Salisbury, NC areas is leaking or damaged, we will perform a complete evaluation and provide you with the best roof repair or replacement solutions.

COMMON roof repAIR Services

Punctures - Holes or punctures in the roof caused by falling branches, debris, and more. Holes can be patched to prevent further damage.

Open Seams - When the roof begins to age or it was installed incorrectly, you may have open seams. These can be repaired by heat welding or patching the seams. 

Ponding Water - This happens when there is inadequate roof drainage or the drains are clogged. 

Bridging Walls - This is a sign of poor installation or the aging process of the roof. We can repair this by cutting into the base of the bridge wall and reinforcing it.

Fastener Backout - This happens when water gets in the roof membrane and expands and contracts, pushing the fasteners out. 

Declining Caulk - This is one of the most common roof repairs on commercial buildings and occurs when the roof begins to age. To repair, we can cut out old caulk and recaulk the area.

When you notice problems with your commercial roofing in the Cornelius, Mooresville, or Salisbury, NC areascontact our contractors! 

 Commercial Roof Repair Contractor

serving the Cornelius, Mooresville, & Salisbury, NC Areas 

Each roof leak is unique, which is why we approach each service in an individualized way. Some damage may be visible, but some damage may go undetected by eye until thoroughly assessed. Our contractors know how to examine roofing systems for repairs or replacements so you can be comfortable with your choice in hiring the right contractor the first time around. At Olde South Roof and Home, we work with property managers, building owners, and more to find the best solution that will work for their roofing system. 

Commercial Re-roofing

Commercial roofs in the Moorseville, Salisbury, Huntersville, and other surrounding areas are designed to last as they are built using the best materials in the industry. However, nothing lasts forever. Commercial roofs may experience damage due to severe weather, lack of maintenance, aged materials, poor workmanship, and many other reasons. While a new roof is a great investment for your building, it isn’t always necessary. Sometimes all that is needed is a re-roof. The contractors at Olde South Roof and Home can assist you in the process of getting your commercial building re-roofed. For more information on these services, please give us a call.