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If you need your under decking replaced while the roofing shingles are on, this process is a little more challenging. The shingles over the rotted area will be removed, as well as the nails and roofing felt. During this process, it is important that rafters are marked so they do not get accidentally cut. Once the piece is out a new board can be put in, as well as the roofing felt, and covered with shingles. 

While building a roof, boards are laid over the rafters to add to the frame and provide a surface for the shingles to be nailed to. These boards, known as under decking, are usually plywood and used to protect the house from the weather. Moisture that seeps into the under decking can cause leaks into the home or other problems including wet insulation, mold, and other costly repairs. To prevent yourself from paying out more money than you need to, it is important to fix the under decking right away when you notice an issue or you are replacing your shingles and uncover the under decking. 

If you need your under decking replaced while the roofing shingles are off as well, this process is somewhat easier. All roofing layers will be removed and the roof will be stripped down to the under decking. This makes the boards easily accessible and can be removed easily and properly replaced.

 Under Decking Repairs in the Mooresville, Salisbury, & Huntersville, NC Areas 

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