Are there water stains across your ceiling or running down walls? This is probably due to a leak in your roof. Tracking down the source may be tricky, but our roof repair contractors can help. Luckily, once found, repairs are generally pretty easy. Fixing a leaky roof right when you notice it is important as these small leaks can cause bigger problems including mold, rotting wood, damage to insulation, and more. Fixing the leaking roof right away will help save you money. At Olde South Roof and Home, serving the Mooresville and Salisbury, NC areas, we can help you with leaks near chimneys and fixing small holes, flashing, roof vents, plumbing vents, and more. Call us today!

​​Why Choose Olde South Roof and Home for your roofs in the Cornelius & Davidson, NC areas ?

Leaks Happen....

When's the last time that you had your roof checked?

If your roof is over 10 years old, you should have a qualified roofing professional inspect your roof.

OSRH offers FREE roof inspections.


   As a roofing contractor with over a decade of experience, I have built the reputation within the roofing, insurance, and homeowner communities as a knowledgeable and honest roofing contractor who delivers quality products and quality workmanship.  My priority is to deliver an end product that we can both be proud of.


 I believe that educating the consumer on their roofing project is paramount.  An educated homeowner is an Old South Roof and Home client.  Your home is your most valuable asset and making a poor decision about its exterior maintenance is often times costly.  Through continuing education, I stay abreast of new products and installation applications as well as defects. recalls, and other issues that effect roofing products that I may see while on your roof.


 Roof inspections and estimates are always free...So is my knowledge.  If you have a question or concern about your roof, please give a call at 704-425-8333 to set up a time for an assessment.  I will personally handle your roof project from start to finish.

Seth Smith


Olde South Roof and Home

$250 Rebate

A Special Thanks for those who served our country.

*Applicable for past and present military personell on all GAF Lifetime Roofing Systems purchased from Olde South Roof and Home.

Pride in Craftsmanship.
Personalized Service.

Do you remember when craftsmanship took precedence to the dollar?  When people took the time to ensure that the consumer understood what the problem was and explained the viable solutions?  

These two elements seem to have been lost to time in the fast paced world that prioritizes the quick buck.  I feel that craftsmanship and service are the cornerstones to a strong and viable company...this is foundation for Olde South Roof and Home. 


​​​​Roof Repair Contractor serving Concord, NC